by Weed Thief

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released January 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Weed Thief Halifax, Nova Scotia

Aaron//vox, Ben//bass, Tri//drums

inquiries: trile91@gmail.com

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Track Name: Speak
You speak too easy, I put it plainly
Too many words, spoken to freely
Speak, you don't think when you speak
Don't preach on passion seeking reaction
All you get are neglected affections
Grayscale worm dug a hole in my head
Grayscale worm dug its home in my head
Don't speak, don't speak don't fucking talk to me
You speak too easy, I put it plainly
Shut your fucking mouth when you're talking to me
Track Name: Cell Block A
Cell block A
No escape
Kept in a cage
I fucked up, I was young
Shit out of luck, twenty to nothing
Twenty, going nowhere fast
Cell block A
Track Name: Hate Crime
Hate crime, out of touch with the times
Hate crime, you cross the line
Fuck you and your kind, you slow down progress
Someone dies and gets left behind
Hate crime, I don't have the fucking time
For cowardice and spineless shitheads
Ignorant, self-indulgent, bad seed evolution
Screws the pooch again
Fuck your hate crimes, you're a stupid piece of fucking shit
Track Name: Hole
My life is a hole, it's a constant freefall
Empty skull don't know anything at all
Forced to live a life with a hollow head
I never knew, and I don't wish that I had
Unfamiliar reflection in the mirror, what do you want?
What do you see? Whatever you need you can take from me.
Because I don't wanna live this life anymore.
There's only so much bad emotion
That this hole can hold before it overflows
My life is a hole, a big fat zero
No control over any of it all
Track Name: Lazy
Laziness lay your heavy burden down on me
Plans crush me with the weight of failed aspirations
I can't keep from breaking a blood oath forged with a former self
I throw my body of progress back to the cogwork
And the whole mess comes to a halt
Track Name: Smear It On
Quit looking at yourself, it's fucking gross
Take a look around, no one's checking you out
No one cares about your hair, the clothes that you wear
Or the make-up you smear, ear to ear
Smear it on
Track Name: Thievery
Another crack in the wall
Hidden camera slipped in the stall
The invasive two way glass, where one side see's all
Watch what you do, careful what you say
They've got eyes, eyes on you
Eyes to see right through
Claiming every shread of your privacy
They're all fucking thieves, and they leave you with nothing
You're a fucking thief, and I wish I could forget you exist
You fucking thief