Dead Dog

by Weed Thief

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released March 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Weed Thief Halifax, Nova Scotia

Aaron//vox, Ben//bass, Tri//drums


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Track Name: Advisor
Give up, give in and get lost
Let final thoughts and secret whispers win
Spare yourself self loathing and put your young life to rest
Just give in to the crushing constructs of all of your inner conflicts
They say they'll leave in the morning and they stay for weeks
Lingering ceaselessly
Self induced split skull spills out every doubt
All your pressures ease
Secret whisper tells me how to live
Tells me I'm better off dead
That I've got no friends to confide in who'd understand
Track Name: All Of Them Witches
All of the witches casting spells that curse me with a boosted ego
I've never been big on superstition until their pagan persuasions
Put me in a trance, place a hex on my head
Sweet talked to braindead infatuations
Your spellbinding words wont work for long, no
You burn with your double, double, toil, your trouble
Carving their likeness into the tree bark
Hammer a nail through their hearts
I'll never be manipulated again by all of them witches
Track Name: Silver Spoon
Silver spoon gets caught in your throat and I watch you choke
You bite your tongue into two pieces and spit it out
Gold teeth are revealed when your lips peel back and you try to beg
For forgivness at the last second
Your rich and we all know it
You don't care much for sharing your wealth with the ones who need it the most
I hope you choke, I wanna see you choke
Oh god I hope you choke, I wanna see you choke
Track Name: Dead Dog
Another ten thousand men, women and children dead
I feel less for their loss than I do for a dead dog
So take your ten story fall
Sadder to see my pets decease
Another mass suicide
Every fatal end turned tragic on the screen
I watch but I just can't sympathize
So take your fifth floor dive
You wont see me crying my eyes out
When looking in from the other side of your cut short, finite lives
Dead dog, I bury you before the others
And say so long to all of my so called brothers
Dead dog, I bury you before the others
And say good riddance to all of my so called brothers